Seahorse Pearl Necklace

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It is encased in a delicate silver circle, and a seahorse miniature emerges with elegance, its spiralled tail a testament to the wonder of the ocean’s embrace.

Crafted with precision, its silver body is etched with fine lines, mimicking the gentle ripples of the sea.

A turquoise stone rests like a precious droplet of the ocean’s heart, a vibrant contrast against the metallic hues.

Below it, a single pearl glows with the serene lustre of a moonbeam caught in the water’s dance.

This necklace is a wearable piece of the sea’s mystery, inviting the wearer to carry the spirit of the deep blue wherever they may roam.

Let this handcrafted treasure, with its hidden tales of aquatic grace, become a part of your story.

Discover the allure of the ocean’s song—invite this seahorse to swim in the currents of your life.

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  • Handcrafted item
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925, Turquoise gemstone, Pearl
  • Turquoise stone size is 6 mm, Pearl size is 5mm
  • The pendant size is 1.15” x 1.15”
  •  Sterling Silver chain 18.”


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