Square Red Rosarita Heart Pendant

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A Heart-shaped pendant will be a unique gift for your lover. It looks touching and delicate.

I made it of sterling silver and Rosarita Gold slag heart. The pendant is adorned with a flower and the LOVE  word on the backside.

Expect to have many compliments if you add that heart pendant to your outfit.

More info about Rosarita Gold Slag:
Rosarita is a unique material, which derives its vibrant, red, orange, or yellow colour from gold refining. It is a fantastic by-product of the 1960s and 1970s gold refining processes. The Alaskan beach sand was smelted for its gold content, and the slag by-product was Rosarita, which is essentially a gold-infused glass. The base material for Rosarita is silica (quartz particles) mixed with gold at high temperatures.

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  • Material: Sterling Silver 925, Rosarita Gold slag heart 15 mm
  • The chain necklace is 18 “


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